Reviews on Sizegenetics: A Unique Penis Extender

sizegenetics-systemMost of the users of SizeGenetics, the penis extender, have rated it for over four stars out of five for the effectiveness, safety, speed, ease to use and value for money it provides. You might have rarely heard of more than 8.5 inch long penis but according to the makers of SizeGenetics extender it can be possible now with proper use of this device. In fact it is an exercising device that extends your penis without using any pill or injection. You can know more about this unique device after reading the reviews provided in this write up.

Features of SizeGenetics

Main feature of SizeGenetics extender is that it improves your performance in the bedroom by adding inches to your penis. Instead of fake hype SizeGenetics promises to extend your penis through gentle exercises like you develop your abs and biceps. On the basis of medical facts SizeGenetics is supported with a certificate to prove that it really works. The support of a number of doctors around the world also adds to your confidence for using it. Its presence in the market for more than two decades and support of millions of satisfied customers also help in increasing confidence in it. Six month money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturers of SizeGenetics also makes one confident that it will work for extending his penis.

Working of SizeGenetics

The basic secret behind the working of SizeGenetics is that it works like building the muscles of your body. As you lift weights to breakdown and restore tissues in your biceps to increase their size gradually and they become bigger than earlier, similarly SizeGenetics extender works on your penis. It works on your penis by using traction on it to allow you to observe the difference within short span of time.

The effectiveness of SizeGenetics for everyone can be assured on the basis of the recommendations of a number of prominent doctors and positive reviews of millions of the satisfied users of this device as compared to others of this kind.

Side effects of SizeGenetics

No side effects of SizeGenetics extender have been noticed till today but the users are recommended to strictly follow the instruction provided with it. Moreover it will not make a magic to give you a bigger penis overnight. It is a systematic procedure which you will have to follow consistently for few weeks. You will have to wear the device for several hours at least for 8-10 weeks to get the desired results.

Where to buy SizeGenetics?

You can buy SizeGenetics extender online directly from manufacturers’ website in three different packages at the price starting from nearly $200. They provide their famous 58 –way comfort system with their basic and ultimate packages along with lots of information and accessories to ensure to provide you bigger penis and the value of your money.

Thus on the basis of the reviews of lots of satisfied users and medical professionals it can be declared that SizeGenetics extender is a great device for pleasing your partner in her bedroom by increasing the size of your penis without any medication.

VigRX Plus in Canada

Hi there,
My name is Bernie Grebanier and I’m herbal medicine specialist practicing in Toronto. You can find my contacts here.
So why I decided to create this VigRX Plus review?

Simply because I see that more and more men in Canada are starting to use this product we need to be sure that this pill is safe and efficent. We don’t want to give our money to scammers and we want real results from taking this VigRX Plus, right?


So I just needed to find the REAL facts and information about this product before recommending it to my patients (or recommending them to avoid  it – if I find that this product is not worth using).

You will find results of my scientific study on this site very soon. And for now – here is how VigRX Plus looks like:

You can easily get this pill in Canada – it can be ordered online from it’sofficial site.

This male enhancement product does not require a prescription from your doctor, so it can save you some time and $$$ on doctor visit, but is it worth paying for?

Just hold on a little for results of my tests and studies and you will know for sure.

Take care, see you soon.


ProSolution Gel Review

Increasing the size of your penis is not only going to improve your self esteem and confidence, but it will also have an impact on your partner’s pleasure at the same time. Many people can utilize modern medicine and technology in order to extend the length of their penis, but it is important to recognize that the type of product that you use in order to do this is incredibly varied. If you want to successfully get rid of your erectile dysfunction problems, all you really have to do is get the right product. The ProSolution gel is one of the best and safest products for men to use in order to extend the length of their penis.

prosolution-gel review

ProSolution Gel and How it Works

The people who have been trying to extend their penis size for a while are probably curious as to how a simple gel can help to make this improvement. The vast majority of men do not recognize that they can see vast improvements with a gel simply due to the ingredients within. For example, the gel has been formulated with L-Arginine, which is an essential amino acid for the growth of nitric oxide. This is undoubtedly the best way for males to get the extended penis length that they need in order to be happy.

The fact that it is a gel actually works in its favor. Rather than trying to ingest the proper compounds that will help to make your penis larger, you can simply get the gel that goes directly into your bloodstream and feeds you with the herbal formulation without any problems. This is the most effective way to get the extended penis size and in many cases, it is the safest way as well. Compared with getting nerve-damaging surgery or a penis pump, there are very few options that are as useful as the ProSolution gel.

Aspects of ProSolution Gel Good For Health

There are many aspects of this product that are actually good for your health overall. The herbal formulation is almost all natural, which means there aren’t many chemical additives that are going to cause you long term problems in the future. Simply adding this topical gel is going to give you all of the health benefits that come with moisturizers and skin care creams. For example, within the gel, there is aloe vera, which is a well known herb that can be found in most lotions and other skin care products.

At the same time, you can also find bearberry and mango butter, which are both natural elements that will be healthy for you to enjoy. Most of them can be found in other moisturizers and lotions so it is no wonder that this is actually a healthy gel for you in the long run as well as a great tool for you to extend the size of your penis in the short term.

Impacts with ProSolution Gel

Of course, anyone who wants to increase the size of their penis is going to be curious in the results of the ProSolution gel. It is a natural question and it is something that has been answered by many scientific studies. Thousands of people have been able to increase the size of their penis and maintain a better life as a result due to the enhancement gel. The increase in size really varies depending on the amount of gel that is used, the length of the use, and the genetics of the individual. The herbal concoction is going to work differently on different people, which is not anything that people should not expect.

In any case, it is important to realize that the gel is one of the best products on the market for penis enlargement today. The vast majority of people are unable to fathom how a gel can provide such impacts, but by having the bloodstream directly targeted by the herbal concoction, it provides a potent response.

It is important to always consider what methods you are using for your penis enlargement. While some might seem like the cheap and quick fix, there are few that do not come with their own side effects. The majority of people who use it find out that they can resolve their issues in a way that is not only cost effective, but also more effective in general.

In addition to these benefits, using the ProSolution gel seems to be the safest way to get through the many challenges that can come with penis enlargement. The surgery is not only expensive and ineffectual, but can also be extremely painful. At the same time, many of the pills that you take will not provide any real benefit without altering the long term health of your entire body as a result of the ingredients.


Review of ProExtender

If you are bothered about the size of your penis and have sought various solutions but are not able to get any results then you should try Proextender. It is considered as one of the most effective methods for penis enlargement in the market. By using this you are able to get rid of anxiety and depression causing condition that you have been enduring for years and you are now able to have mind-blowing sexual experience with your wife.


ProExtender is a patented technology which offers a surefire way for the men to achieve their full sexual potential by safely increasing the girth and length of their penis without having any side effects or complications that usually happens with other popular methods. With the ProExtender, the unsatisfactory size of your penis can now be relegated to your unhappy past. It is clinically proven and many medical specialists including surgeons, urologists and psychologists has stated this as a user-friendly and non-invasive penis enlargement device which can be worn for up to 8 hours for getting best results. It comes in 4 parts to make a complete male enhancement and penis enlargement package. Its 4 components are VigRX male enhancement pills, penis enlargement device, and penile exercises on a DVD and Semenax semen volume supplement. Other reviews of proextender here.

How Does ProExtender Work?

You simply have to wear it for about 8 hours consecutively. The device enhances the size of the penis when pressure is applied on it. The tissues of the penis undergo subsequent enlargement and cellular development when constant traction is been applied on the penis. If you have a crooked penis during erections then this problem can also be solved by it.

ProExtender is been manufactured under international quality standards. The users just have to follow the instructions correctly that are given on the pack and they should be assured that it will help to enhance the dimension of their penises by up to thirty percent.

Penis enlargement online


Penis enlargement (manhood) involves sequences of events and techniques aiming at increasing the length, stamina and cinch of the male human reproductive physical organ the penis. It involves different types of techniques which includes use of some drugs, physical modification e.g. surgery and natural exercise all with the common goal increasing the size of the penis.


Natural penis method

This is believed to be the oldest method of penis enlargement with zero side effects compared with the rest of the methods. Its effectiveness has not yet been given. It involves a series of exercises aim at increasing the vasodilatation and blood pressure and flow in and around the man sexual organ. It aims at training and exposing the penis to long period of erection hence elongation.

Surgery method

The damage here causes permanent penis enlargement .it involves the destruction of ligaments that hold the penis on a normal position and with time, the sexual organ then descend.

Artificial method (cylinder-pump method)

The most common practice carried out in artificial penis enlargement is the penis cylinder pump. A motor pump is fitted to the penis. The pump sucks out air around the penis and hence creates a vacuum zone this therefore consequently draws in blood making the penis rigid and hard. This method is believed to be a temporary cure of importance. The best penis pump right now is the Bathmate that I have reviewed here.

Use of pills

This is mostly most popular open prescription, the pills go in to the body inform of in form of ointments and pieces. This is the most current method with the pills available on order through a world wide web. Most dealers are therefore not sure on the side effects but they believe to be harmless to human if taken through a given method. Check put my review of vimax here.


There is no proven method best in increasing the size and exposing the sexual organs regularly to exercises only add to it length the penis will only increase its length and cinch. The exercise also maintains and increases its rigidity and stamina in bed. Most natural method help fight prostate cancer and so far no scientifically proven method to be the best.

Bathmate Pump Review


bathmate-hercules-pumpFor any man, the penis size is a key factor to consider for one to fully satisfy their partners sexually. It is the fact that larger penis can reach the G-spot easier for a powerful orgasm which gives them an advantage over the small ones. For a woman to be sexually satisfied, she must have several orgasms in each session. Fortunately, there are ways through which men with small penises can enlarge them to enhance their sexual performance. Bathmate pump is one of the efficient gadgets that can be used to enlarge your penis size.

What is a bathmate pump?

This is a gadget that is designed to enlarge the penis by applying the vacuum and suction principles. It may be an air-based or water based suction device depending on your preference. Water based bathmate pump has been the most preferred model due to its incredible results. This is from the fact that water has more suction power compared to the air suction. In short, Bathmate promotes the development of the Corpora Cavernosa making the penis larger.

How is Bathmate used?

It is an easy device to use since you do not require any special training. You only need to follow the simple instruction provided

  • First you need to fill your bath with hot/warm water to cover your waste when seated. Then, bath for five minutes for the testicles to become loose.
  • After loosening your penis for another five minutes, insert it into the bathmate that is now completely submerged in the hot water.
  • Start pushing the bathmate to the pelvic to create the vacuum, and you will begin to feel the pressure building up. Once you cannot pump down anymore, it means that you have created the maximum vacuum. It is this vacuum that will help to suck the penis to enlarge its size.

If you make this a routine for a few weeks, you will start seeing significant changes on your penis size. With this gadget, your sexual performance will never be the same again.

What do they say about Vimax?

If you have been looking for a product to help improve you love-making then you have found it with Vimax. Vimax is not at all like “the little blue pill” or like those suction pumps that claim the can give you the penis of a porn star. Vimax. on the other hand, works by naturally by helping your body function better to increase pleasure for both you and your partner.

Perhaps the best people to ask are the men that have used it. It is available all over the world like Liam from the UK. ” I started using Vimax Volume 1 month ago and can say it really works. I have bigger volume of ejaculate and my stamina`s got improved. I`m 55 and my sexual system needs help. Vimax Volume has an overall positive effect on my potency and virility. But what I like even more is that my orgasms are more explosive and long-lasting” Those are the type of results that a company wants. It shows that work but not just for the grandson anymore.

What they said

From Bob, the Aussie, we can see again how well this product works. There will be no more Viagra for Bob. “” My decision to try Vimax Volume was based on some sexual problems which occurred in my late forties. I realized my virility needed help but couldn`t choose an effective and safe product. I used Viagra and some other products but only with Vimax Volume I felt significant improvements in erection and semen amount. I`ve been taking the pills for about 4 months and my ejaculate has tripled since then! I feel healthier and make sex as often as I want it. ”

One of the best testimonials, however, comes from John in New Zealand. For him the supplement was a perk, both physically and physiological. ” I was looking for good semen enhancement pills to make my orgasms more powerful and long-lasting when came across Vimax Volume on the net. I just called their support team and got full info about the product, ingredients, expected results and some helpful recommendations. The package came in due time and I started the course. To tell you the truth I was a bit surprised of the quick results and thought about short-term effect of the pills. But I was wrong! Vimax Volume has drastically increased the volume of my sperm and improved my sexual abilities. And my orgasms! Mmm! That`s just fantastic! I`ve never experienced such overflowing and powerful orgasms in my life! ”

These are example of men that have used Vimax. With all natural ingredients like lingzhi. fucus vericulosus, and sau guo mu yo know it posses no potential threat to your health. It is simply a product that helps achieve and maintain you and your partner’s sexually pleasure. If children are in your dreams it can help you there too by increasing your numbers of little swimmers. They are waiting for you to order and get the best out of life.

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